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Nanjing hangying school English version


Nanjing hangying vocational training school was founded in June 2009, its predecessor is founded in 2008, China old science and technology workers association education branch of the low altitude space technology training center base in Nanjing. 2011 4 menstrual Nanjing City human resources and Social Security Bureau approved officially named as Nanjing hangying vocational training schools (Nanjing Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security files, Ning Agency [2011] No. 164), twentieth day of April of the same year by the Nanjing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued "the people's Republic of China private school running permit card, civil society 3201003011001,). The The person in charge of Chen Yongfu, school leadership by Chen Yongfu (undergraduate, Professor), Yang Yufu (junior college), Liu Zaichuan (undergraduate, associate professor), Liang Qin (College), Liang Kang (College) five members. Legal representative Chen Yongfu, President Liang Kang, executive vice president Yang Yufu, director of the office she, enrollment and employment office director Liu Zaichuan.

School campus in the streets of Nanjing Yuhuatai District Core Bridge large fixed Fang province people's Armed Forces Institute of Jiangsu provincial military training venue, covers an area of 780 mu, with classrooms, simulation chamber, assembly repair workshop, office, dormitory, computer lab, no man-machine exhibition hall. Construction area 1500m2. Schools with training, student management, enrollment and employment office and office. The school's existing staff of six, in order to improve the quality of training, the school has hired a Chinese Academy of Surveying and mapping Sun Jie researcher and Professor Wang Daobo, a professor at the Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Pan Xiaoyong, a visiting professor.

Flight base standard flight space flight airspace has long 300M landing distance and 1500Mx2000M, can be fixed wing and helicopter rotor UAV landing and flight training. Flight base and implementation of classroom teaching theory, computer simulation of the flying classroom (can accommodate a number of trainees simulation flight training), and repair assembly debugging and well-equipped comprehensive repair, the repair can accommodate more than 100 students practical training, also can also be the implementation of teaching theory. In addition, the school also has two rooms of uav. In order to make the teaching and training close to the market demand, schools and Wuxi Han aviation technology Co., Ltd., Henan Anyang Quanfeng aviation plant protection company, Jiang Shenzhen Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen AEE Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing long days Botai Technology Co., Ltd., Hefei Jiaxun science and Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu easy science and Technology Co., Ltd., Haoxiang electric can sport technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., Beijing SDI tech. Co., Ltd., Beijing blue sky flying Technology Co., Ltd., dozens of units to establish a cooperative relationship, provides students with internship sites.

Adhering to the "school came to learn knowledge, learn skills, learn, go out to serve the community," School of thought, the education in the first place. In order to meet the special needs of human-machine, the school adhere to the strict paramilitary management (School of a few leaders most in the army for more than decades, insist on according to the rules and regulations students daily life, do a day in the life of the system, teaching and training standardization. Adhere to the "management school, talent strong school, special school" training way. Every morning to sound reveille drill, on the afternoon of the pre class exercises mustered for roll call and self-study in the evening and bedtime named critiques, Sunday class provided will; do ", commenting, Zhou Xiaojie, monthly summary".

Adopt the method of combining theory and practice in the training methods, adhere to easy to difficult, simple to complex, on the subject of examination but not into the next topic; the theory and practice of interspersed. Adhere to the training content close to the market demand to set the course, insist on the UAV based theory as the basis, adhere to highlight the practical flight control and training of practical ability, such as: unmanned aerial vehicle maintenance, repair, assembly, debugging, ground station and self driving system and other related skills. School according to the students and academic ability with a one-year and two-year two training period: one-year training mainly to recruit college, undergraduate and above students; two years of training mainly recruit high school, technical secondary school, technical school graduates. The two year students in the learning of the UAV at the same time, to apply for college or bachelor degree from the school to help their registration, organization learning and take the exams.

Students in computer application technology in senior vocational skills training at the same time, to encourage the amateur forms voluntarily apply for Nanjing University of university academic higher education (high from college or undergraduate), the study period (2.5 years), completing teaching plan provides all the courses and after graduation learning qualified, high level graduate students issued by Nanjing University University of adult higher education electromechanical Specialist Diploma; upgraded the level of students' Graduation issued by Nanjing Science and Technology University Adult Higher Education of electrical engineering and automation speciality graduation certificate, in line with the conditions of awarded Bachelor of engineering. All through the occupation training and certification of the unified organization, issued a certificate of completion of training and application of UAV technology corresponding occupation skill certificate.

School since its inception enrolled culture of UAV flight control hand nearly 700 people, respectively in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Shanxi, Guizhou, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Hunan, Hebei, Liaoning, Anhui, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities in more than 20 multi UAV research and development, manufacturing, marketing, application and teaching units engaged in UAV related work. Such as Jiang Shenzhen Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Power Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing long days Botai Technology Co., Ltd., Chinese Academy of Sciences